Jim Dickinson's Book Bibliography

Chronicles - Bob Dylan Simon and Schuster ISBN: 0743244583

Where Dead Voices Gather -
Nick Toches Little, Brown & Co. ISBN: 0-316-89507-5

Invisible Republic - Griel Marcus Henry Holt & Co. ISBN: 0-8050-3393-9

"What'd I Say"
History of Atlantic - Ahmet Ertegun Welcome Rain Publishers ISBN: 1-56649-048-0

Dylan -
Steve Matteo Metro Books ISBN 1-56799-634-5

Rhythm and the Blues: A Life in American Music - Jerry Wexler St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-11376-5

It Came From Memphis - Robert Gordon Faber & Faber (reissued 2001 by Simon & Schuster) ISBN:0-574-19848-1

Rhythm  Oil: A Journey through the Music of the American South - Stanley Booth Pantheon Books ISBN:  0-679-40944-0

12 Days on the Road: The Sex Pistols In America - Noel Monks and Jimmy Gutterman Morrow ISBN: 0-688-09050-8

Up and Down With the Rolling Stones: The Inside Story "Spanish" - Tony Sanchez Signet Books
ISBN:  0-451-09448-4

From Africa to Beale Street Edward "Prince Gabe" Kirby Lubin Press ISBN 0-9612396-2-X

Dance with the Devil: An authorized biography of the Rolling Stones- Stanley Booth Random House ISBN: 394-53488-3

Good Rockin' Tonight and the Birth of Rock 'n' Roll: SUN Records - Colin Escott with Martin Hawkins St. Martin's Press ISBN: 0-312-05439-4

Sweet Soul Music: Rhythm and Blues and the Southern Dream of Freedom - Peter Guralnick Harper and Row Pl 6049

White Boy Singin' the Blues: The Black Roots of White Rock - Michael Bane Penguin Books ISBN-O-1400 - 6045-6; De Capo Press 
ISBN: 0-306-80479-4

Home Sweet Home
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Onward and Upward
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Tate County (Hill Country Blues)
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DDT - Live At The World Famous Antenna Club
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Dinosaurs Run In Circles
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Killers From Space
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Jungle Jim & The Voodoo Tiger
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Delta Experimental Project
Vol. 3

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Fishing With Charlie and
Other Selected Readings

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Save Our Riverfront
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